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  • I think you make the calls right outside Lugia's room, but I'm not sure; I've never RNGed Lugia. I've heard you can advance frames by however many pokemon are in your party, every time you walk 128 steps. I'm not sure about that though.
    I have never RNGed the roamers, but I probably will on this playthrough of SS. Lugia can be RNGed, but you have to make the Elm calls outside Lugia's waterfall/cave thing because there's no reception inside.
    Yes, you have to RNG twice for eggs, but that's only if you want them shiny.
    Sorry, I should've told you to look for that. From now on, always look up to 3 letters ahead, just in case.
    Here's a list of things that can make it skip letters (frames):
    Raikou - if Raikou is roaming around, one letter will be skipped
    Entei - same as Raikou
    Latios/as - same as above, the roaming one will skip a letter
    NPC movement - if an NPC (non-player-controlled) person moves at all, it can advance the frame. This is why you should always get into PokeGear as fast as possible.
    No problem! I bet that second time was pretty easy, right? It keeps getting easier and easier as you go. Try an egg for something.
    Oh you got it! I'm smart...
    Hitting higher delays isn't really harder, it's just more annoying because it takes longer. I prefer delays around 650.
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