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  • Sorry for the late contact. I should have a team by the end of the day today hopefully. As for battling, I'm free most evenings after about 8 pm PST, and could be free during the day as well, but that is far less set in stone, and depends on if I can dragged in to work. When are you free to battle?
    Pretty much any time after 4:30 GMT-7 so, I'll try and leave a smogon tab open so we can contact each other.
    Alright i've been on AIM quite a bit since I got my net back, and I haven't seen you on once, so here is a reminder...
    Any time from now until 9pm tonight, subject to change.
    8:30pm; offline now, I am. Doubt I'll be able to do tomorrow because of school work, and I have karate on Tuesday, so it would have to be between 3pm-5pm my time. Not sure about Wed and beyond yet. Will let you know asap.
    I can battle whenever now, back yesterday night. So is today, 8pm my time (GMT+1) cool for you?
    IRC works too, I have AIM as well which is Battlulz if that is more appropriate for you.
    Hey, my internet is out currently which sucks and means I can't do anything about it until I get it back. If you have an MSN add If not we'll have to do tutoring on IRC if that is ok with you?
    Ok, thank you. I doubt I can do tomorrow now as I'm going out with friends after tea (5-6pm ish) so I probably won't be back until like 10pm my time. Again, my apologies, I hope we can get our match done when I get back from my hols. Ciao for now.
    Apologies. I'll either have to battle you on Saturday (tomorrow) sometime between 1pm and 9pm GMT+1, depends when my dad is hogging the comp. Or next Friday at the earliest as I'm away until then, perhaps later, not too sure yet, depends when the deadline is as there is none specified in the thread. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience to you.

    P.S. I love how you joined on my birthday ;)
    i dunno who shaymin man is but you might since you are teammates with him, do you know where he goes? if you see him, tell him i'm most active on captains modded server
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