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  • last hand of the night: player to my right shoves all in with 7 4 (bluff), so i shove all in with pocket queens, player to my left shoves all in with pocket 7's. i'm way ahead until the river...which is a 7.
    I read you can clone in 6th generation.
    Would you do it for me when I'll need it?
    Right now I'm cool,but I might need that service in the future.
    You can ask for anything from my TT ;)
    Got an egg matching your SV need your help to hatch it please =D

    5000-3148-5083 is my FC and ign is CK
    Hey dude, please i need your help i got a shiny egg with your code. could you please hatch it for me? my fc is 4399 0060 5705
    hey brah just got an egg with ur sv 3433 and wanted to ask u if u can hatch it :3
    can offer u 4-5 IV noibats/scatterbug/absols/wish evee or curse evee :3
    Sent you a message about hatching my shiny(: will see you around 8:00 est hopefully!
    Hello remlabmez can you please hatch my shiny beldum ? I'll give you something in return.
    im at work until around 5pst. anytime after i can. this applies for m-f if you cant find me online today
    I'll be online till around 10 pm pst, pm your friend code and i'll send you mine. :)
    hello remlabmez can you please hatch my shiny heracross for me please ill give you something for your kindness :)
    argh unluckily youre not here, but i gotta go to bed now, since i gotta work in 7 hours.
    good luck in the future!
    i am at a friend atm, well be at home in around an hour, maybe you're there :)
    if not it´s sad, because i really wanted to battle you, damm timezones...
    As i am kinda writing an essay, i am at the pc for the next 12 hours.
    I'll check smogon frequently, so if you'd come on, leave a vm!
    Make a realistic proposal for a date to battle and let´s get it done instead of not battling... i join tours to battle good players...
    (remember pls, i´m gmt+1)
    yeah noon for you is 9pm for me, i´d be happy about not battling to late.
    what´s the earlierst time you could battle?^^
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