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  • Hi, we have to play for Sunset Colosseum, i am gmt+1, i can play anytime before 6pm.
    Since you were online very recently and you said you'd try being online all day I'll just leave this here to let you know that I am as well
    So you're my ST8 opp and I'm wondering if you'll be available at all on the 8th, 9th,10th, I'm in PST and it will probably be hard for me to play before these times.
    Ok, I haven't seen you, and I have to go now, so we'll battle tomorrow 9pm my time 3am your time. I posted this on 21:18 my time. If you have not recieved it on 3:18pm your time, please say so, because that would mean our time difference is not 6 hours but more (or less, but I don't think so)

    Also, we'll battle on the Smogon server, and if it's still down, we'll battle on Treehouse. OK?
    Are you there? Smogon server is dead, so where will we battle? I'm thinking of the Treehouse server.
    Hello, I'm your opponent for the Oh My Mirror Tournament.

    I haven't made a team yet, probably going to start it today.

    Just letting you know
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