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  • lol, tons of people fly in from all over to go to SDCC. I fly in from Detroit every year so far. I'm sure there are quite a few conventions in New York, but depending on where you live, it might be a schlep.
    ... san diego is the biggest anything convention in north america. there where people dressed like everything and anything, and the guests come from basically every area of entertainment (for example, i've met matt groening, bryan lee o maily, christopher paulini, and the cast of the big bang theory and ben ten alien force.)

    my most embarrassing moment was while waiting in line, i asked a ramona flowers cosplayer if she was Stefanie from lazy town.

    I went as Jeffrey Lebowski this last year. But yeah, go as team rocket.
    if you want to go to a con and dress up as team rocket, just do it. i guarantee it will be the most mundane costume there. i have proof. that is not a statue. there is a dude in there. also, be careful.some people like to use the opportunity to run around a convention center in their underwear.

    also, id like to say i like your art.
    Yeah I got credit :P altough 3 months of work went down the crapper. Sorry for bothering you with this seemingly random rant btw. I guess the inet is an easy way to say stuff more directly and rid myself of the crap.

    Also, we had this guy coming to wash the windows today (i think he was gay, but that doesn't have anything to do with this story). Anyways, he was almost done, only had this one window to do at the 2nd floor. After he had placed his ladder against the wall and climbed up. He turned around to greet a woman passing by the street and fell down. He barely missed the fence which had those spiked columns coming out of it... Also miraculously he wasnt hurt at all...

    Seriously... my life seems to get flooded with strange shit these months >> its quite weird...
    Haha, guess thats sort of the reason why there are so many prejudices about americans :P

    Also, I've had this really important presentation for school a few days back about a maglev train. Me and the guy I worked with made this small scale model and put it in the corner of the presentation room. Next to it was one of the entry doors to the room tough, so at the door we put a sign saying "please use the other door blablabla". Everyone went in trough this one door and presentation started. Everything fine and np until one latecomer arives and guess what? He used said door. He threw it open against the cart the model was standing on and threw the model off the cart. Entire presentation fucked up ><

    Sorry for this seemingly random rant, but Its been nagging me the past days and I needed to shout it out somewhere (and where better then on the internet)
    Yeah, I've heard of ritz hotels :). I always compare them to hilton hotels somewhy and then my mind makes a link to vegas...

    Thats what you get for watching too many movies...
    I've always found ritz to sound a little strange, but thats probably because i'm dutch. It sort of translates to zipper here
    I mostly like shoddy because it's exactly the opposite of what you say: I haven't got the patience to breed (or RNG) good poke's to use. The same goes with shinyhunting (altough I remember having a huge bunch of shinys in silver a long time ago). I enjoy shoddy mostly because of the fact I can play without boring my ass off breeding all the stuff I need :p
    I like RPG's alot too, but also many other genres (tough puzzle and sidescrolling aren't my favourites). I review games for a website, so I get all kinds of stuff :P

    God, writing this down makes it seem really geeky...

    But anyways, i'm most into pokemon and trackmania atm :) (the latter is a racing game where you get to build your own tracks and drive trough loopings and wallrides).

    Do you also play on shoddy btw? or just on a cartridge?
    I read that like you were talking really fast :P

    I've played trough 3,4,5 (doing it again now, but this time good), 6 (best one) and did some small parts 7 (until it crashed on my pc) and 10 with a mate of mine. I also played the tactics advance games :).

    The first time I played trough 5 I just kept running from all battles without reason until I came across a boss that kept one hitting me and I quit out of rage :P
    It made sense, and yeah, it sort of similar to me (altough mostly trackmania, pokemon and a little bit of some other games (finalfantasy included :o). Well, i dont need 3 hours to get ready to go out :P

    Also, what final fantasy do you play? Made me quite curious, as im a pretty big FF fan (:
    :P Youll surely get more attention the longer you stay... its the rules of the internet, here we dont have feminism but maninism ^^, but heck, I can't get around that either, when there's a girl on the internet I feel tempted to contact here too... like i'm doing now.

    God damn, ive gone mainstream
    It's always fun to see how there is a new female member and people dive all over her, it took me like a year or so to get 10 visitors on my page alone...

    considering a sex change
    are you sure you're on synirc server? to change server just type /server irc.synirc.net
    synirc is the server

    #smogon, #stark, #cap, #littlecup and #macle are all good channels...
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