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  • Hey, about your guide and where to put it for the public. You can try Google Docs! Or if you don't have a Google account/don't want to use Google for some reason and you have a Microsoft account, you can c/p the guide to word and people can view it on Microsoft's office web app.
    Hi, sorry to bother you but I can't access the Yahoo cache version of your guide for some reason? I was wondering if you knew anything about that (maybe it's just me).

    BTW, you could always copy/paste your information in a word document and upload it to Dropbox and share the link if you're not sure where else to upload the information.
    I'm afraid not :/ I'm not very knowledgeable with Smogon forums and after the switch, I'm a total noob here :p Why not PM a mod or something? Voodoo_Pimp or TheMantyke would probably know. Also, thanks! I'll send this over right away. If you want, I can also post the link in Serebii's RNG help thread. I keep my Roamer guide stored there and linked in my sig :p
    How goes it =) Did your guide get lost in the forum shift, or am I just a noob and can no longer find it? :/ Someone was asking for a guide but, alas, it seems to have disappeared.
    RNGer Aaron
    RNGer Aaron
    Yea, the guide was stored within a social group, all of which were lost during the transition. There was a Google cached version, but I can no longer find that, although this Yahoo cached version seems to be available: http://tinyurl.com/pwh7bwk .
    I have the content saved; I just need a new place to upload it to again. Do you have any ideas where?
    Hey RNGerAaron! Thanks so much for your Dream Radar RNG guide! Just a few things to report.

    1.) On my game, the offset for gendered Pokemon is 1 and non gendered is 0.

    2.) Also, similar with the Therians, instead of the offset being 7, it is only 6.

    I'm not sure why! I'm using a DS Lite with an English White 2. Memory Link is activated and checked in Reporter as well. Thanks again for the guide :)
    Hi Aaron!
    Thanks for the guide on dream radar RNGing for RNG reporter! I am just about to make my big first attempt at the Tornadus-T, and I wanted to ask a quick question.

    In your guide, you just briefly state that for the Therians, since they are treated as slot 2 Pokemon, you would add 13 to the IV frame, and add 7 to the initial PID frame.

    The IV thing makes sense, of course, but I am a little hesitant to believe that the game ALWAYS treats it as if a gendered Pokemon came before it (hence the +5, with the +2 offset, makes 7). Since there technically is no pokemon in this imaginary "slot 1" in the case of the Therian formes, does the game just preferentially choose the +5 gendered value (as opposed to the +4 un-gendered value) EVERY time? Consistently?
    About dream radar abuse:
    When sending several pokémon, the nature frame only advances 4 for a genderless pokémon.

    I had a beldum in slot 1 and RNG'd for a hoothoot in slot 3. I followed your guide as if all pokémon had genders and ended up with the nature one frame before the predicted. The iv's were correct.
    I have found out that Tornadus can still be considered a slot 2 Pokemon, but can be selected first before other Pokemon slots. So the frames will not jump ahead for every occupied slot. All in all, it was a success.
    I just caught Tornadus in the dream radar and am ready to pick it up. Unfortunately, I have slots 1, 2, and 3 occupied by other Pokemon. Has it been confirmed yet that the frames will jump up for each occupied slot before slot 7 (Tornadus) is obtained?
    So I just rng'd thunderus and confirmed a couple of things

    1. For the therians my initial iv frame always starts at 23. I believe this is due to me having memory link activated. having this information attempted to search for viable seeds starting on frame 23 but i had no way of verifying if i hit my seed. i since then started at frame 25 that way i had to do at least 1 advancement and could verify via researcher. ( I should note that with only one advancement I could of gotten false positives but I have not as of yet)

    2. In researcher I had adjust my starting frame by 2 instead of one so that my custom 1 results would match when i hit my seed. this may be affected by memory link as well.

    I also attempted to regular rng for riolu and found that your steps matched up perfectly with no variations...
    Hey RNGer Aaron

    first I want to say thank you for your guide it has helped me rng my first Tornadus from dream radar. i had to do things differently from your guide to get my results in white2.

    I did everything up to the point of finding my seed and verifying with researcher. however when i hit my seed and advanced my iv i never hit the iv's i intended. What i did was for my initial seed i clicked generate adjacent seeds to see where my ivs were and found that my desired iv were always 2 frames away from where my target frame was (Ex i did frame 23 as it was for tornadus with no other pokes sent via radar) i generated adjacent seeds and found that my ivs were on frame 25 which ment once advancement) I did that with no problem instead of the formula you gave and received my poke.

    2. for me i have memory link activated and after following your formula for natures i was always 2 pid frames off. i adjusted by subtracting the spinner activations*2 and hit my intended nature. i dont know if thats because i have memory link activated.
    Since you figured out how to use Researcher for PDR abuse, do you think there's any way to use it for Unova Link calibration?

    EDIT: Just saw that you answered this question in the RNG thread. Thanks!
    Hey quick question. Just want to make sure I've got the right preparation. For the therians, since they are in slot 2, I should search for a seed that's ODD, right?
    Thanks to you, I got that near flawless Impish DW Lugia! A few things...for me, when I had memory link activated and clicked, I noticed that my starting PIDRNG frame = starting Custom 1 frame. As a result, my offset for gendered pokes was 1 and for non-gendered was 0 (Lugia was the former, like you suggested). I don't know if this is hardware-specific or what, but it seems that the different offsets work for different people. not sure since I've only observed it in my case (I was using the original DS for RNGing)

    Btw, finding and confirming seeds was a pain the ass...
    No worries. The guide alone is immensely helpful. I'm glad that this isn't just an isolated problem. Your suggestion is good, and I'll try that and let you know. I have Memory Link clicked because it is active, and I usually check its effect on the initial PIDRNG frame. So far, it hasn't done anything to it, but who knows...
    Hey, first of all thanks for your guide! It looks like DR RNG will not be too bad. I was just wondering if there's a calibration step needed for Unova Link. The reason I ask is because I've been trying to hit my spinner sequence, but with no luck - and I'm usually pretty consistent in BW2 standard RNGing.
    Compliments on your guide! I used it for a couple regular DW Pokémon and then successfully got my target Tornadus-T.
    I read and followed your guide for DR abuse and I managed to RNG a pokemon with the right IVs and nature I wanted. I found a seed that I wanted to use for Tornadus and used it on a test run with another DR pokemon. I hit the seed did the advances, and got everything right. I felt confident that I could use this seed since I knew it worked and so I repeated the process for Tornadus, but itwent horribly horribly wrong :/ The nature, IVs and HP are nowhere near where they should be (I was aiming for IV frame 36 yet it looks like I hit frame 49. I can't confirm this though as I don;t know of an online IV calculator that supports the new forms yet). So how would I go about abusing a DR legend? What needs to be done differently than a standard pokemon abuse? The Tornadus was the only pokemon I had at the time so there was nothing else to interfere, but someone told me the DR legends act as the second mon regardless. Any ideas on what to do to RNG the DR legends?
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