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  • hi, are you ever going to pick up the pokemon you wanted with your credits?
    thanks brosef.
    notice my joint thread? it haz no banner.
    and i was thinking about going with a very happy peppy actiony army feel fo it too. nothing like serious army pokemon stuff, but like Happy army pokemon banner.
    and in the cente with fancy lettering:
    "Axis Powers- a Joint Thread"

    have any ideas?
    HEY! :)
    think you can do a banner fo me dude?
    Hey, I finally got my games back so tell me what you would like for your credits.
    Ill give you chansey, but it is NFT. Meet me in wifi
    Dood. I have to leave soon.
    Get in wifi.
    You cant have vatmebts chansey. Its NFT.
    I can trade after i battle.
    Ill let you know when i finish, k?
    I owe you pokemon.
    Tell me when you are available.
    I can probobly trade in 5-6 hours or so... Sorry for not repkyong fast enough
    Cool. I need one of a Tabunne in the nurses out fit from Best WIshes that say "Services" on it and a rules banner, that you can decide whats on it :)
    Only 88 more pojemon to go...
    Btw, do you still have that PM with the pokes you wanted?
    I accidentally deletd it! T.T
    Oh, and I actually have wifi access today, so we can either trade or you can download, it's your choice.
    That's fine with me. I looked around and I can't for the life of me find out how to do that other stuff anyway. It would've just been a normal graphic of some sort. Probably a png.
    Not sure how they were given. I just got them indirectly. I generally don't care to trade for Pokemon unless it's something I can't get myself. In fact, I'll just let you download one from me if I can get that to work rather than trade for it. My DS doesn't like to connect here anyway.

    Anywho. I'd love some artwork, although I don't exactly know what I'd need just yet..

    I'll still get you those spreads as soon as I can find some batteries for my mouse. This touchpad is driving me insane.
    I actually have 2 (My mistake) wish Bagons. Just didn't want to post in there. I'll get back to you with spreads.
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