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  • As I am already a member and scientist of TRC, I would like to join.

    If you do not accept me, I will not be mad because you are the leader and I cannot force one to let me on the group.
    Hello, I am the Commander of the SSIS (Smogon Secret Intelligence Service). I am here to offer an alliance between Team Rocket and the SSIS. Do you accept?
    Hey, I'm a avid Pokegamer looking to expand my battling experience. I'd love to learn about competitive battling and proper strategy. My cousin xMistyx suggested I should join Team Rocket as a grunt. I hope you'll accept my application!
    Hey Boss still interested in the Admin Challenge, I can only do 4th gen unfortunately
    Although Nintendo did not make shiny checks in gen 3, the only possible way one has obtained the shiny Wishmkr Jirachi is if someone (e.g. Sabresite) backs up a Gamecube sav and change the seed to one of the shiny seeds.

    If you believe that externally editing a save file in order to force the game to generate a shiny is legal, good for you. I don't. These Shiny Jirachi are semi-legit at best as the shiny Jirachi was not naturally obtained. Unlike RNG abuse, they required the use of external devices. This the experiment of Sabresite's/Bond's/Kaphotic's/loadingNOW's research. I beleive he did this experiment several weeks after the post in red; I don't know his final conclusion (why didn't he edit the red post if he changed his conclusion?).

    On another note, the 9 possible possible IV/PID combinations for a shiny Jirachi are known; therefore, anyone with the knowledge can create one in Pokesav and satisfy legal.exe.

    This is what I gathered, so I hope it is insightful.
    I still recall alot of hackers and alot of people saying tht Manaphy and Jirachi couldn't be "With hard evidence." But they were wrong I have the Jap Shiny Celebi & btw Any pokemon even hacked czn pass legality checker so creating tht was pointless
    Because I have a Shiny Ageto Celebi with correct ID OT moveset & location :/ But theres so many people saying its impossible Do u do legit check?? & I just think if a Jirachi from the same Colosseum game dif language can be shiny it'd be dumb if Celebi couldn't
    Sorry a Mod told me to ask in the WiFi questions. I'm like brand new. And how exactly can it be shiny?? I was told a bunch of hackers found it impossible :/
    Hey boss I was wondering if you could make me a badge for the Admin Challenge league. I also hope you don't mind if I could be the first challenger
    Also I read that you want us to be really involved here and thats awesome, I just need some guidence lol
    oh, sure. This is my first time on here so it might take a bit (1st time to any forum actually). I really wanted to get into competitive battling so I joined this forum and team rocket is awsome so why not start here. I could use a lot of help getting used to this though.
    Hey, if you could make me and Jio a "badge" for the Challenge thread that'd be great.
    After viewing your Thread probably five times now I get sheer enjoyment from it's layout alone. Thank-you boss for being such a shining beacon of excellence.
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