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  • RockyRd, hey! we have to play for ost r2! When can you play? I am gmt - 5
    my po crashes so much with the new update, i'd prefer like ps main haha or ori server
    ok ill just need a few mins to copy my teams over
    same haha
    hi, we're paired up for ltt (po tour). idk where you're more active, so i vm'd you here. i'm on gmt-3 and you can find me on irc (#baril) all the time. this week will be quite busy, but i believe i can play on sunday.
    I'll ask!

    I hope I do; I haven't been to the weight room yet, but Mondays and Fridays we do (today we switched Wednesday and Friday so we had regular practice.)

    I'll try!
    hey, man, thanks for the response!

    most of my life was going home, eating everything, and getting on the computer. i decided i actually need to go do some physical exercise, and wrestling seemed the most fun. I hope I'll be able t get around 182, but if not then I'll be fine with that, haha. I've discussed my weight with my coaches a bit before, but not a lot. They said that my weight is fine, but I'd still rather lose weight than gain in (excluded muscle weight.)

    That's good to know about eating! Haha, I looove food (not like Paula Deen, though) and I am glad that I'll still be able to eat some things I like.

    My leg and chest are fine now, actually! Monday everything stopped hurting (thank goodness I didn't have anything Friday besides lifting an instrument, and Saturday and Sunday sucked, but I felt better afterwards.) However, whenever I get taken down (at first) I get the wind knocked out of me. Should I anticipate it more beforehand?

    ATM there is this girl I like who's whole family does wrestling (bar the girls) and I think doing this will help in her liking me, haha. I still want to wrestle even if she doesn't, though!

    Oh, and how should I strengthen my neck muscles? I'm not sure what kind of workout I can do that will help that, unless just lifting helps.

    A bunch of the guys on the team are the coolest group of people I've seen in a while. I expected a lot of them to be jerks, but they're really cool. I've heard that wrestlers really act like family once you get used to everything (or something.) I also found out that showers aren't required to take at the school, and I'm glad because my house is just five minutes away, so I don't think I'd get ringworm within that time frame. And yeah, every day I look forward to wrestling (kind of not at first because it is awkward, but I think I'll get used to it soon.)

    Wrestling does seem really fun, and I hope to get better at it enough to where I can maybe do it in college or something, because watching the NCAA helped me today a bit with watching what else I could do.

    Thanks again!
    Im gmt+1 and seeing that your evenings are my night time i think we should shoot for the weekend friday/saturday preferably.
    Heh sorry, looks like im staying out longer than expected, so idk if i can get it done tonight. Ibcan do tomorrow morning/afternoon or sat morning/afternoon or all sunday/monday
    hey just realized that i can probably only do 8:00EST as the earliest time, if that's okay with you
    hey do you want to play tomorrow evening, anytime around 6-12 for you, 3-9 for me? otherwise I could play on sunday or monday if you want a later date
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