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  • Why do you feel stupid asking for my opinion? I like Kangs but it is broken and we've just been repeating ourselves for like 50 pages straight imo. I hope I didn't offend you :/
    Eh? no I wasnt offended by you I just feel silly after putting all that effort into my team and I should have realized the coming ban a lot sooner. I think I'll keep kanga in my heart for now on lol, at this point I believe I shall move on to a stall team. I feel it shall be exciting new territory for me rather than bulky offense all the time.
    Oh XD. Yeah it'll probably get banned. BUt that doesn't mean you have to scrap the team. Just try different mons to fill Kang's shoes ;]
    You can't breed Thunderbro but you can catch it roaming in white. I mean maybe you could Ditto breed but I doubt it (tell me if it works o_0)
    New Thundurus? You mean LO+ 4 attacks? Hmmm it's actually outclassed by NP but it's usable you can also use legends in the new games if you were wondering.
    Yawn.....its getting late so I'll see if there are any noticeable weak points to ur team tmr. If i don't post on the rmt it means i cant find a weakness
    Lol I haven't seen that one yet. And anyway i finished sketching out my Stall team and will be on the RMT forum soon.
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