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  • Hi, I understand Branny is recruiting for whatever reason. Yes we are a group of VGC players, you just joined today do I don't know how that would look for our supposed group of "elite VGC players" but your qualifications as a professor do seem promising so I'll give you a chance. To get in you must battle me WI-FI VGC 2012 rules, except for the time clause. It is best of three so when can you battle?
    Great. I guess whenever you have a team of six down flat, PM me with what all you need and I'll do my best to RNG everything.
    Well cool, when you've decided on a team, I'd be happy to give you the RNG manipulated Pokemon you need for having a fighting chance in the event. Are you familiar with the basics of competitive Pokemon on the video games (IVs, EVs, etc)?
    Hi! I noticed your post in my thread and I'd be happy to help you get the Pokemon you need for the event. Do you have a specific team in mind for the event and just need Pokemon for the actual event or do you need help making a team as well?
    I happen to be an executive, so I will gladly battle you if you want to join :)
    We will battle best 2 out of 3. May I have your fc? Mine is 3268-1200-6385!
    Hey, Sensei. I read that you are a Pokemon Professor, and you are pretty good at VGC yourself. If so, join the VGc Eagles, a private group of elite VgC players. Also, if you want free Pokemon, check out "Thunderbolt is the Devil (420+ Free Pokemon)"
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