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    Smogon VGC Winter League II - Player Signups

    Name: roxie Relevant Social Media: roxie#2311 Bio:
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    Metagame SV Monotype Metagame Discussion

    :ss/volcarona: Volcarona being so low seems iffy. SV has a lot of great Pokemon to explore, but in the long run, Volcarona's Ground neutrality and access to Psychic + QD easily makes it one of the best Fire-types you could have. Volcarona covers Dark, Poison, Fighting, Dragon (Bug Buzz+Psy)...
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    Metagame SV Monotype Metagame Discussion

    Can we like link games and replays because the games I'm playing and watching (some of it is a playing issue). I haven't even seen a Chi-Yu on a single screens Dark-team yet and on fire, Chi-Yu should not be struggling with Sun+Beads of Ruin. I don't really expect Iron Treads to be doing much...
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    Tournament Neverused Snake Draft III: Commencement Thread

    New NUSD Banner y/n Finchinator ken_ Meri Berry Rabia
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    Resource SV Ubers Bazaar Originally had Miraidon > Flutter but Iron Bundle can still do major shit if Corvikight isn't at full. Ditto + Pex + Ting-Lu is a nice anti-HO core. My first team I made for the tier lol. Its not the best but Soft Sand...
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    Resource SV Monotype Speed Tiers

    The tier is still pretty fresh, scarf ceruledge def has a niche on Ghost at least. Ceruledge might not be the most appealing scarfer at a first glance but say if I'm eving an agility Corviknight set with Power Trip, I'd personally want to have either 128 Speed evs to creep Adamant scarf or 208...
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    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft III: Week 4

    BW: ArcticBreeze vs Nalorium DPP: shiloh vs TLTK Both managing parties agreed for these new pairings Oathkeeper Shaneghoul Jisoo shiloh ArcticBreeze Nalorium TLTK
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    Tournament Welcome To SV Monotype - Round 2 won x2
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    Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tournament - Signups [Custom Avatar Prize]

    Name roxie Discord Tag roxie#2311 Time Zone GMT-05:00
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    Metagame Ubers Metagame and Set Discussion v1 - Uncharted Territory

    :ss/toxapex::ss/ditto::sv/ting-lu: I've been liking these three Pokemon on balance and bulky offense playstyles since screens is an easy playstyle to choose at the start of the generation. Unfortunately, Toxapex lost Scald this generation, so you can't burn things you'd want to burn, such as...
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    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft III: Week 4

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    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft III: Week 4

    Koalacance carrying 2 slots as RBY circuit champion tbh...goat RBY: stunner047 vs phoopes
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    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft III: Week 4

    hosted by: Finchinator, ken_, roxie Commencement Thread | Spreadsheet (Courtesy of Ticken) | Schedule | Rosters | Statistics & Replays Week 4 :poliwrath: Pablowraths (0) vs (0) Rabioots :raboot: SS: Gilbert arenas vs Booty SS: ADF Test vs OnArceus SS: dex vs Danny USUM: Garay oak vs Felines...
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    SV OU No Johns Release Tournament Round 3 [BRACKET C]

    Act been an hour and I’ve been running from 2 wasps waiting at this computer
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    Don’t see eonito online

    Don’t see eonito online