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  • One year later and you're still banned. And I find it odd that you put in your signature that you won the VCG 2012 when in reality, you didn't.
    Guys stop this nonsense! Ruben is a awesome person who has won 2 uk vgcs and placed 3rd at worlds,so he did stuff because he was having a damn laugh surely hes entitled to it? TPCI should disband his ban and alow this excellent player to continue to dominate vgcs.You have my support all the way ruben
    Hey man, I don't know you, but I know you're really passionate about Pokemon, and whether you are innocent or not, I really feel sorry for you being disqualified :'(
    I can just imagine how much it would suck to put in all that hard work and feel the relief of having won 1st place, and then have it suddenly taken away from you and your name dragged through the mud all over the internet because of what someone else did....
    Anyway, I hope you get this all figured out eventually :)
    You have all my support.

    Events outside of the tournament area should not be taken into account, whatever it was, whatever you did, I don't care.

    You're a great player and I hope the trash talk will stop soon.

    And I earnestly you should file a legal complaint against the numerous "journalists" who just don't know what defamation means.

    Good Luck to you.
    I think it's funny you were DQed >:D
    And I thought I was battling an honorable person during last year's Autumn Friendly... Guess I just battled an immature person who needs to wear diapers... >:D
    I personally hope your ban doesn't get lifted. I don't believe you had "no part" in this situation. Not to mention it upsets me when you said "Pokémon is like my life." That's just sad. So I'll be talking to TPCi MYSELF to actually keep the ban since I know people who work there and I'll give them the same reasons I just told you. Good day.
    aaaa sorry!!! can we play Sunday instead? I will be available all day Sunday so just tell me a time, if that is ok!
    Hey, sorry for late reply, just moved into university.

    How about Saturday? 7pm-10pm (GMT+1)?
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