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  • Also, can you please don't delete the moves of any of the pokemon? I'm online and waiting. :)
    Deal. 5 credits for EV training for me. Use the HG FC in my sig and I'll use the HG FC in your sig. See you online! :)
    Hey rustysneakers! I saw in the SQSR thread that you can EV train in 4th gen for credits. So can you EV train my pokemon please?
    Please don't delete the moves. Here are the pokemon:

    Jirachi's Spread: 4 Defense / 252 Speed / 252 Attack
    Togekiss's Spread: 4 Defense / 252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed
    Machamp's Spread: 8 SDef/ 8 Spd/ 48 Def/ 192 HP/ 252 Atk
    Yes the skarmory is UT and lvl 1 with the egg moves whirlwind and brave bird. I'm online rith now.
    ok. what time is it now there (I'm in european time)? I'll trade the skarmory to diamond, first. then we can trade it.
    Hey thanks for Ev training my mudkip. Consider the Skarmory as a reward. I have 2 (both female) with these Iv's. Chose the one you like. Also, do you want your horsea's back? Otherwise you could trade the EVéd mudkip for the Skarmory.

    I don't need Ev training (I already trained one and transferred to BW). I'll see which Skarmory has the best IV's. Skarmory also has learnd the move Whirlwind and Brave Bird. I'll be offline for the next 3-4 hours and after that, it will be 22:00 where I live. So i think we could do the trades tomorrow.
    alright. i have class right now and i'm EV training for someone else. we can trade later tonight and i can probably have them done by tomorrow.
    Actually, I bred some impish Skarmory's last week and i have a few (3 or so) left. they have keen eye OR sturdy. (In gen 5 Sturdy acts like a focus sash) So which ability would you prefer and which gender?
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