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  • The proper word choice is "were", as in "It's all you "were" doing"

    And I was doing so to both coerce you to flee/put Milotic in KO range. If you KOed Probopass, Scyther would finish Milotic off without any trouble as you would,

    1.Not have Marvel Scale
    2.Be weakened by repeated Pain Splits.

    I had more Pain Split PP than you had Surf and Sleep Talk PP combined. You were wasting our time with your stubbornness. Like it or not, you lost that battle. I outpredicted you almost every turn in the battle.

    I don't want the run victory, I already know you lost.
    I didn't. Either way, the battle was over despite your insistence on a stall way. Why waste our time like that?
    sweat? what made me sweat was that magmortar, and still not sure if it was scarfed or not... but whatever like i said in the PM GG you deserve the win.
    I left 1 HP after KO-ing your milotic, 26/252 to 25/252. I guess predictions made the difference in our battle. GG =D
    Seriously! I had a guy dc once because I did that. Anyway, GG. Tell me if you ever want a rematch though.
    She's is a good sweeper, but she doesn't seem to fit on this team. The only reason I even switched her in was a mispredicted explosion by registeel since I thought you would predict Clefable switching in or something.
    Yeah, i didn't know what to do against Lopunny, I was expecting a trick band or something.
    It's okay. It's not like you can control hax. I got really frustrated when headsmash missed too. I messed up anyway though since I thought trick would work on a sub. :(
    Good game, sorry for the hax I got. Not only the lame crit on Vileplume but also not missing with FB & Leaf Storm.
    Thanks for the games, man. I got lucky with the matchup both times, but those were fun! Thanks!
    Oh no big deal. I sort of assumed you thought you'd be slower and you had a lum berry or something. :/ no worries mate.
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