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  • If you're still using dreamworld, I have 3 rows of berries that can be watered, that's a lot of DW points.
    Oh, I rarely battle others, and most of my battlers are still in 4th gen.
    Thanks for the trade, please check if they all have the DW ability and do tell me if there's anything wrong. ^^
    Yikes, I afked for too long because I thought you were already asleep. Really sorry about that, I'll try to catch you tomorrow too. (I'm in GMT + 8).
    All 3 are finally done, I should be available for the next 10 hours or so, VM me again to get my attention. :)
    Sorry for the late reply, been pretty busy with school work. I'm interested in hoothoot, caterpie and slowpoke as my irl friend has the other two. Pick any 3 of those pokemon you are interested in but it'll take quite a while (maybe a week or more) as all 5 are still in the high link forest and I want to sr for their natures, then breed them. Is that fine with you?
    What time will you be online today? (State ur Timezone as well!)
    Almost forgot to reply to this, hope I'm not too late.. Jolly has always been far better on Garchomp because 102 Speed is just enough to beat a lot of important things like Salamence, Jirachi, Lucario, Roserade, and Gliscor. This generation it's even more important because Sazandora, Landlos, Ulgamoth, and Adamant Kojondo are around, along with Ninetales being more common.
    I´ll be idling for today. Can´t check my DS until evening(austrian evening), tough, so no talking to me please.
    I´ll add you. But don´t expect me to be on this week. I have way too much to do for school =/
    here is my fc
    White FC:

    I wont be idling today tho sadly. :(
    I can see you in Black, but not White.. Are you sure you added me?
    Edit: Never mind, just exited the lobby and re-entered and there you were. :)
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