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  • I managed to make some new art pieces after I've learned some new techniques on how use photoshop.
    That's cool. :D

    Nothing much. Just trying to work on my creativity and my art skills; and trying to get through college.

    And also, I'm just very disappointed that I found out that some of our so called trustworthy smogon members just got officially blacklisted for not being completely honest with me and the others about some of their pokemon. Like i1337 and Alexshiny. :(

    EDIT: If Jubilee, Stavros, Eppie, 7014gree, and Lolpo get themselves blacklisted for the same situation, I would actually find that very funny and very surprising if they did especially after they have trashed me, bullied me, called me a hacker, and treated me like crap for no reason when they foolishly thought that I was hacking and scamming people on purpose without any proof (which I wasn't). Even after I have been trying to tell them that I was ripped off too (by The_Coza).

    And if that ever happens to them, they'll see what it's like to be treated exactly the way how they treated me. lol
    i have one with HP ice and one with HP electric and another one with HP grass:P
    my new router wont let me get on wifi though
    if you can find them by someone who has already got them from me ask for a copy from him and you can show him this vm as proof that i allow him to trade it to ya
    quiet is a set nature :P
    i havent played pokemon competitevely for like 1 year and a half lol
    beating me? you must be kidding! :P
    i was the one kicking your ass all the time ! :P
    I'm not so sure right now. Cause I have huge and big assignments to work on and they taking most of my time. -_-
    I'm considering Persona 3, I've actually played Devil Survivor 2 out of curiosity and the fact Atlus made it.
    The thing is with fan translations is that I still wouldn't be able to play as I don't really deal with emulators, haha. What you said reminded me of another game Atlus hasn't localized—Luminous Arc 3. I know there was a guy translating it, but I've neglected to check on how its been going lol.
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