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  • well i mostly play OU, but idk, if you dont want to do OU i guess i could try another one lol
    hey i see ur in Cipher, wanna battle sometime? We could get to know our members to better operate as a corporation lol
    Well, I'm good at monotypes. I could help you improving your team (with your main pokemon being Truant Gorilla :P) And a skilled battler can battle even with a NU team and win ^^
    Awesome. What I read on bulbapedia is the hgss series looks pretty cool. Seems to be some great team rocket action.
    Do you only battle on PS then? I use Wi-Fi in the real games. My Pokémon Showdown hardly works at all, and I always get disconnected.
    I understand now; thanks for explaining all of this to me. Oh well. I'm ready to move on. Perhaps we could battle sometime. I can battle in almost any tier, along with doubles and triple battles. The only tier that I cannot really battle in would be RU unless we were to do an RU battle in double battle format, in which I have a team for. If we were to battle in triples, I would NOT be using the team that you saw in that battle, as I've got way too many other triple battle teams that I can use. Of course, you may not want to battle me at all. Just let me know.
    I don't think that sturdy prevents OHKO moves in this generation from working entirely, I think that's only in generation four, as I think that it only acts as a focus sash now. However, I may be wrong. I don't really know for sure, as I've never seen somebody use an OHKO move on a poke with sturdy in generation 5.
    I was thinking about focus sash Murkrows, not Eviolite ones, but even so, I've seen this strategy used against powerhouses before, and if predicted correctly, it can stall out these kind of teams and wreck them.
    For example, a Gothitele with protect and Shadow Tag in the middle and a prankster Murkrow with Perish Song on the side would absolutely destroy me, but I do not frown upon this strategy, as it actually is strategy, more so than chance.
    Yeah, I didn't like Minimize either. If they hadn't used Minimize, I'd have been able to knock out their Suicune (I think) before they'd managed to get over and use sheer cold on Blissey. Even so, everybody's hating on that video for some reason, which I'm actually starting to understand why now, so I'm not going to make any other video where I'm frowning upon certain strategies.
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