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  • no if the ban thread is in the cafe, then we won't beat it. period. because everyone will post there and the bistro wall fall into obsoletion. ugh i just give up i don't know why i spend so much time here anyway.
    no but if we beat teh cafe, then nobody will post there and the posts will all go to the bistro and we can have the ban in there instead. but nobody posts in the bistro except for me you hathater, so i don't see the point in maintaining it anymore. espcially with BattleStar running around and bumping the cafe every five minutes i don't see the point. and none of them post in the bistro while all of you guys post in the cafe so again we lose. and battlestar supports them and even the ban is there so i don't see the point in keeping the bistro
    Well without me telling them it's inevitable. Here it's still a chance. I actually find that mait new members are pretty good in taking my suggestions and advice.
    okay i havent been watching the japanese episodes, im a ways behind watching the english ones as they come out but i was able to find an 11 min or so clip, couldnt resist. anyway check out my reply and let me know what your thoughts are!
    Stay out of BABA. Lelz is back. His new name is Mewtwentytwo. Change your privacy settings to friend only.
    don't worry i stayed in ABAB. GP was always nice to me and he gave me a facility i won't let him down.
    I'll consider it I guess... but as of the moment, TRC is simply too mean for me to want to come back. Maybe when I'm in a better mood. (Or if I get more Tumblr followers ahahahahahaha) XD
    I don't take any offense.

    I post in it because I actually think that, despite the bistro being awesome, the ban thread deserves it more as it has been so sacred to TRC.
    check out what i posted in OU no legendaries, i think it will help clarify the extremely confusing championship structure
    meanie, you thought I was taking a shower with blitzlefan, I never even seen him before!
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