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  • I'd contact Great Sage or Colonel_M about the steps to contributing. I'm not familiar with the processes on that part of the site.
    That's OK. If you wish to suggest different sets that are not a part of the analysis, you have to follow the format and guidlines suggested in the rules here. For suggesting just sets, do not create whole analyses since we have all of the OU and most of UU covered. You won't have to make an Overview, OO, or Checks and Counters section. This is a great example of how to submit a single set.
    maybe that name has been taken by someone else now and put a password on it, so now you can't go online. Or maybe you have to download the new PO version if you still have the older one... I wouldn't be sure. hope this helped. but when you're online with another name, remember to tell me it's you ;)
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