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  • hey, we need to battle for the b/w tour, when works for you?
    cause i'm gmt -8 and able to battle basically any time during the weekend that works for you.
    My timezone is GMT+2. I can battle on Thursday from 9 PM 'till 10.30 PM, and on Friday from about 5-6 PM (can't say for sure) 'till about 11 PM. If you can't battle on some of that times, then I think we'll have to ask for an extension (on weekend I'm almost all day free), I guess that's possible.
    LOLright, alright. I've still yet to play earthbound, so I'll take your word for it. Forgive me, I was merely looking at the irony of the two plant-related things. =w=
    Yeah, I'm kinda sad that the community we had broke up. We had a group of some really great guys. Life's going, as always. Yourself?

    Yeah, I've kinda been passive on BW until suspect tests are done. Dealing with rain sucks. 5th Gen LC is fun stuff though.
    Sure, I'll use that time to work on my team too. My holidays are ending tomorrow, but I think we'll find some time to battle on. Good luck to you. :)
    Mushroom status...Ness had it once and killed Paula and Jeff...then he bashed himself to death...I fear you.

    Well, everyone is into Gen 5 now, but heaps of Gen 4 tournaments are going on. There would always be an opportunity for Gen 5 NU in the future, but now would pretty much be the only good time from here on out to host a Gen 4 NU tournament. Also, when people see it is a Whole World NU tournament and hosted by you (cause you pr0). I will definetely be available to be a co-host to help you out. Just whenever you are ready, or if you are going to be ready, give me a shout. :)
    School is out for me, how about you? You think we should start getting the thing together now? Just preparing the main thread and stuff like that.
    Sorry dude, but apparently you got knocked out of the tournement due to inactivity. Tough luck man. Sorry about that. =/ And we were just about to get our match done...
    Can we shoot for Saturday(on Friday I can only get on around 8pm which is rather late for you)? On Saturday, 1pm-2pm or 6 for you would be cool.
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