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  • I was wondering if you could do me a little favor. It involves the Battle Mansion in XY, I have two requests
    1) Could you please tell me the name of the Battle Chatelaine for Super Singles?
    2) Could you please tell me what pokemon she uses and their EVs and Nature
    I have a charmander i can give you if you do this. Thanks
    Hi there Mr Scepticallistic! I'm wondering if you'd be interested in exchanging FC's with me by any chance.. ? ^^ I'd love to catch a Vivillion from your safari! I've got Fire myself.. (Ninetales, Larvesta and Pansear). =) My FC is: 4554-1356-5382
    Hi there! I've added you, and it seems like we're both online, so Vivillon are good to go!
    Thank you so much Scepticallistic! <3 Very much appreciate it..!
    Howdy ho! I popped on the other day and realized I kinda miss all my old smogon friends... Thought I'd send a hello your way :)
    k, I got it RNG'd. It's still inside the egg if you want me to give you it so it can hatch in your game. It'll still have the same nature/ ivs and everything. I gave it curse/ stealth rock/ icicle crash as egg moves.
    No sorry. I was going to rng a thick fat swinub though since I heard snow cloak is banned.
    I'd like the image to be around the size of the gengar on the notes banner in my thread.
    As for the banner itself, I'm thinking about just having just the image. I'd just like to use the image in a banner I'm assembling myself. I have no problem using programs to collage some pics together, thing is I'm rather inexperienced at drawing.
    Hi, do you take art requests? ;)

    I can repay you through giving you a pokemon or RNG one that hatches shiny in your game.
    Apparently my last VM was over a year ago. I feel so Smogonold, man.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd drop this here to see how you're doing. When are you making a grand return to your art thread?
    Hiya Scep, I was wondering if I'm allowed to use this pic [IMG] as my avatar, because I think you made it :3
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