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  • I'm just about to head off for work, but when I get back I'll check them out.

    Jukain is on a LOA atm, but sirndipt and mikel seem pretty active. If anything else, the mods jelli and oglemi can take care of it.
    Wow, Singaporean in sight... greetings, resident of Singapore here (My nationality is Indonesian) :) Hope the haze hasn't been a problem as of late xD
    Hey scorpdestroyer you can have the win because i have to go to church and i really don't feel like battling i am tired.
    psst for your Rotom-F analysis you forgot to change all of the sets' EVs to 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe. Yeah edit ChestoRest's EVs to that too, I made a mistake in the order when I posted.
    Time zone doesn't matter to me right now i can acces my pc anytime if you warn at least 1 hour before, so what time to you play,
    your time zone ?
    I chalenge you into a pokemon battle !
    i am in extended holidays just msg me anytime , let me show you how offensive pressure works
    I am listening to people suggestions just fine if you notice my answers you will that i actually agree to test raiku in my team witch was Moose and yours suggestion but
    i had no idea that i had to edit my team
    most of other rates where simply horrific "use specs slowking because Wquilfish-snorlax destroys your team " "your team is destroyed by scrafty after 2 dd" just can't accept those rates the rest of the rates involved people that don't realize how this team works, either way believe or not right now i am 1930+ if i play another
    3-4 battles i will get my rank visional and if those battles are wins , then i will peak #1, with the team that received the most negative comments in the rmt section, that is unbelievable and i will post my rank to every single ag that called me liar.
    I am in the top 30 right now about to get my rating de-provisional, is that believable ?
    you, sorry for every thing about said i was unconformable with the rmt deal i was working on this team for 6 months when people started commenting and heavily criticizing it i got shocked it was my first RMT i had no idea how it works, i had to defend my self so i started being offensive , and the feedback was huge , i just couldn't take it
    sorry if i was offensive or anything
    it's still the same thing pretty much, but this way is just encouraging discussion given that i kind of want it to be a less spammy thread :x
    6% is tiny that means this means that is probaply even more underused in the higher ladder according to the smogon statistics that include normal usage rates and 1850 + usage rates , and that is what i notice now that i am in the higher ladder and about to peak it.

    and even those 6% azelfs are not rockers 52% are not, they are either scarfers or specs users, witch makes the lead usage of azelf less than 2% a non issue ,oh and Archeops beats frosslas most of times so pls and cobalion since it can easily more than 60% in dam the offensive sets and outspends even the super rare scarfed sets.
    after all the use of substitute IS essential in bisharp , but i am tired of talking about that i dont care don't reply if you think you dont have a good enough reason i just can't take so much offense k?

    don't post anything as stupid as that the next time i will make an #1 RMT

    Steel typing isn't as popular in UU as in OU the only dragons there are Flygon and kingdra
    LOL I never said i created anything nor that the set is mine whats wrong with you people ? you are not even the firsts person saying that yo me.
    I can be on during Saturday morning at like 10ish. (Same for Sunday.)
    I can stay up until 11 PM my time tomorrow night.
    Any of these work?
    I'm GMT -4.
    I can make it on from 3 PM - 10 PM this evening. I'm busy Wednesday.
    I will be on from noon - 10 (not the whole time, prob take a break) on Thursday / Friday.
    I am pretty lenient on the weekend, too
    your last activity for me was 10:45 PM for me and your last message was like 9:30 pm for me, I can totally do it that time tomorrow (24 hours from then).
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