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  • okey, there you go!
    If you need any other pokemon just tell me!
    btw, I have this kind of Joint Thread with user WhiteEagle, he have the pokemons and I RNG on request.

    If you need anything else just post there or VM me!
    remember is still a Petilil, and for the IV's
    31/14/31/30/31/30, HP Fire 70BP

    For the trade, again did you visited pokecheck?
    If not, my timezone is GMT-4, for the wi-fi issue, you could ask a friend to borrow a DS/DS Lite.
    Have you visited pokecheck yet?
    If you don't want the ribbon, I have a Level 1 petilil (Untouched, just out of the egg) that have HP fire, if you have the time and a sun stone we can trade.
    i have a lvl 100 lilligant, not exactly perfect but may serve your needs.

    own tempo/modest
    4 hp 252 spa 252 speed

    giga drain
    quiver dance
    petal dance
    sleep powder
    Heyya, try not to make a huge necrobump (posting in a thread that hasn't been posted in for months) unless you have a moderator's permission. Thanks; PM me or the other OU moderators if you have further questions!
    Yeah, not only they make life easier but it also allows you to breed a Beldum with nice IVs. I'm getting a foreign one from CrownEntei, but no RNG D:
    Wow, amazing stuff! I'm dying for a foreign Ditto, do you know where I can get one?
    True that. Also I hate how they say it's valid because "it takes a lot of effort". Bitch, please, manual breeding takes multiple times that effort... I don't know, I'd feel dirty if I used RNG'd pokes..
    Yeah, what's the point in cheating to get "perfect" pokemon? I mean yeah, it is quite tedious to breed for 3 perfect stats and a specific nature, let alone more stats. But the game is about making good strategies, not having all 31 stat pokemon. It's really supid.. I mean, bar speed and HP (only in case of substitute pokemon), a couple more or less points in a stat won't really change a thing.. Oh and having the ditto isn't bad at all. You know, sometimes the game's a bitch and it just won't pass the IVs you want, so having more perfect stats on both parents helps raise the odds that you'll get a few of them... I've filled like 2 boxes of scraggies and I'm still not done with this (though I'm close xD). And I hate it when people argue that RNG is legal "because you're using the game's generator and pokechecks recognise it as legit". It's still cheating because you're using an external input to manipulate any result at will...
    If you want, I can trade you my bold harvest Tropius. :D

    If you want to see it, it's in my trade thread.
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