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  • Thats great. If we don't meet up by Thursday i'll arrange a time for us to battle. Im normally on from 10-12 our time.
    I can battle now if you're still on. Dummy on Smogon PO Server. Otherwise, 5:30 EST tomorrow will be fine.
    Alright, I'm EST as well. I've got a pretty free evening after ~6, so just find me on the server. My nick will be Server_Crash, otherwise I'll look for you.
    Hey, we're paired up in the metronome tourney. I don't keep regular hours, but I can (hopefully) adjust my schedule to when you're free.
    lc tourney battle. same time zone so it shouldn't be too hard to do, are you gonna be on today/saturday (it's 2 am so it doesn't really feel like today yet...)
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