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  • Yeah. I take out the battery each time. It takes a couple of days for it to reset back to the starting date/time but... Well it's better than trying to find it.
    It uses the GBA RTC. So can't force an easy time unfortunately. :/

    As for a RTC date/time searcher... you would have to find the seed for the spread you got, then use the live battery searcher to search the spread on frame 1 of that seed. Do it repeatedly until you find a series of date/times that match up with the minute differences for each one.

    Edit: The Regis always seemed to be M4, while Rayquaza could be either M1 or M4. Didn't test Kyogre/Groudon, and the Latis seemed M1.
    A little question about that button mashing. So should I try to time those L+A+L+A somehow, or should I just mash them as fast as possible? Because with button mashing I have always heard the cry.
    Hi just letting you know I got the transfer to work on fourth gen cart :) But for some reason it didn't work until I changed the file name, Thanks for the Deoxys I love the shiny's sprite and the Charmander :)
    Hi tomb, I triying to learn how to abuse on 3 rd gen rng. Near to a week, but is to hard, For now I dont uderstand at all how to obtain my ID/SID combo for a good Shiny spread like a Timid 31/31/31/31/31/31, I know that all these spreads are on very high frames. I am desperate and not made ​​progress much. If u can tutored me in somethings i apreciatte a lot your help
    it was sent in march (it was supposed to be a naive shiny charmander and naive deoyxs) so it was awhile back I was just confused why they were hardy natured and had a bunch of question marks in their names. It isn't my first time using pokemon files so I was just curious if maybe it was the wrong file sent or if I was trying to receive them on a fifth gen cart when they originally formatted for fourth gen. I can always send you back the files if you want to check them or if you want my email to try again.
    Yeah, I have the save for retail cart stuff. I am going for a SD Mewtwo, and hopely get a retail cart one. I have an idea how to do this, but because I don't have Rare Candies yet, I can't test it yet. But yeah, I would really want some advice :p
    Never understood why you didn't get it before considering it's the easiest to breed in for all the 3rd gen games by far.
    i know its been ages ago since we last spoke. But those pokemons you sent me via email do you remember if they were in fourth gen cause they come out as hardy natured on fifth I didn't realize until now if you can't remember that is fine I know it was months and months ago :P
    You'll want to start calibrating an hour or two before your seed comes around, depending on how long your wait time is. It helps since it gives you a feel for when you should press A, and once your seed comes you'll be ready to go. When I was getting Groudon, I failed the first time, but luckily, I got another chance half an hour later. I don't know what else to tell you, other than good luck.

    Edit: Oh no! You already missed your frame. Sorry about that.
    I don't know if you've ever seen the inside of my cart or not but I only separated the battery from the top contact. When I want to use the battery I tape down the contact. When I don't want to use it I put a small piece of paper between them.
    Right... distance from a specific date. Well it's probably 1 year short of from when the battery was actually inserted. Not that it really matters.
    Hahahaha that's a long time. Although it might be 7 years because after 2001 the seed counts from Dec 31, 2000 instead of Dec 31, 1999. I am guessing that you're practicing to hit that frame at least yes? For each project I would attempt to hit my target frame regardless of the seed. Today I hit my frame 3 times in a row, with the 3rd time being the real attempt.
    My seed was 3h 29 min after putting the battery back in at frame 155292.
    Well because I can remove/replace the battery at will it didn't take as long as it would for most people. But it took me 3 attempts.
    Use this to find a spread, enter the seed value into RNG researcher with LCRNG [R], and find a frame with the upper half being 0000.

    Alternatively Kaphotics made a script that runs the calculations for you although it's off by a couple of frames... enter the seed into RNG reporter to get the exact frame. Save the script as a .lua file (editing your seed value from the checker as you go) and run it in VBA-RR with any game.
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