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  • haha. no worries. it happens. I'll add the new one in meet you on in just a minute.
    yeah, still don't see you. I'm going to trade with another person who is online really quick and then double-check the FC I have for you.
    I won't be online tomorrow or the next day, unfortunately. Today is the only day I can get online before the DC Regionals.
    I can't see the top screen of my ds cause i broke it, so if there is any way you could try communicating with me that'd be great. xD I can't tell what I'm putting as options.
    Make sure you add both. Just give me a few minutes to get them together on each game. Sorry for taking so long, I have so many people asking for trades right now. =/
    The best I can do is trade in an hour. xD I'm working on my last final now, and only have 57 minutes. :P
    I can trade pretty much any time tomorrow and the rest of the summer. xD Today is my last day of school.
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