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  • Thank you. I actually figured it all out yesterday. Timid 31/0/31/31/31/31 Jap event Mewtwo. :)
    So can you go over wondercard abuse real quick for me? I used the option for it in the Capture tab and had my min/max frames set to 1. Assuming that much is right, I don't know what to do once I copy a seed to the PID window of RNG Reprter.
    I actually haven't and there isn't a toysrus anywhere near me so I'll be skipping this one. I will be getting the Mewtwo that they are about to give away to the Jap games. :D
    No I don't. That's a whole 'nother mess. With the C-gear constantly advancing your PID, it is a big pain in the butt and more trouble than I care to mess with right now. :P Big congrats on your turtle though! I'm glad I got to help just a little. :)
    You're very welcome. I really like helping people get started. As for NPCs, I'm not sure as I've not actually RNG'd a fossil yet. I bred my carracosta because I lacked a fossil. I would try it as if there aren't any and then if you land a little too far, you can always adjust. Good luck. :)
    You will do fossils EXACTLY like eggs (Frame 8, save in front of the guy, etc) except it's even easier since you don't have to bother with inheritance. Still, if you run into any snags, feel free to ask me anything. :)
    Yes. The more ivs your parents have that match what you want in your egg, the easier it will be to find an egg. That Deino you hatched and your Ditto would do very nicely. You will need your ID/SID for this. If you don't have an AR, you'll need to load one of your pokemon on to Pokecheck but I understand it is very easy. Let me know when you've gotten that far and I'll wlak you through the rest.
    Well, now that you understand the basic process, a shiny shouldn't be too hard. Let me know if you need any help and congrats! :)
    Um, it looks like that's what you want right there. It appears to have more than three 31s so some of them had to have come from the seed. It may have inherited the male's Atk stat. See if there are any around what you were shooting for that inherited the male's Atk stat but Fe for the other two. If you still don't know, send me another pic of the PID screen so I can see what you're shooting for.
    49. First I looked for which frames had Ma under the SpA column. Since it wasn't a 31, we know it must have come from him. Then I looked for which of those is Female and Modest near your calculated starting frame. Take a look at it so you know what I was looking for. So now, just find the next modest frame with all Fe inheritance, and chatter up to it. Good luck! :)
    Good. I'm glad I'm making sense. It can be pretty complicated the first couple times but it gets really easy pretty fast.
    Okay. You're hitting frame 50 I think. If you'll look at its inheritance boxes, you'll see it inherits the males SPD. I can't see farther on down your PID chart but you can find what you need. Just look for the next frame that is Modest and has all three Fe (an Ma in Atk would be ok too) and chatot that number of times. Don't save, that way you'll get your rare candies back and if you change your save, your starting frame changes because the NPCs start in a new place. Make sense?
    Yeah, 23 is more than enough. Use this site to check its ivs. It is more accurate than Serebii. I would enter his stats at level 5, 10, and then each one that it says will give you more info after. I am mainly concerned with the SpD iv I think.
    If it says 45 then your starting frame will likely be 48-50, possibly before or after that by one but that's the most common range. Try it without Chatots and let me know what you get. If you don't have enough Rare candies to check its ivs, we'll figure out another way to check them.
    Have you hatched one to verify your starting frame? It will usually be 2 or more frames more than what RNG Reporter calculates it at because of the area's NPCs. If you've already verified your starting frame by hatching one and checking its ivs, then yes, you'd want to chatot three times. Otherwise, you need to find where you are starting from before you start advancing.
    Yeah, that's all I needed. I would shoot for frame 48 because you want to use a frame that inherits all three inherited stats from the female. Enter the game at your target time (hit A one second before), hold your keypress until the star shows up that shoots across the screen, don't turn you C-gear on, and spam X when the season screen appears. No chatters this time, just exit your menu and spam A to talk with the man quickly, hatch the egg and tell me what you get. Good luck. :)
    Thanks for the pics. Do you know the ivs of your parent pokes? If you can give me those, I can tell you what PID frame to shoot for and then walk you through it.
    You're welcome to PM me here, link me to it if you want to post it, or email it to me at
    I'd like to help you with your breeding troubles. If you can send me a pic of your PID window and your Time Finder window, I'll take a look at it. :)
    Video for PIDRNG manipulation.

    Let me know if it helps you understand what you need to be doing. There are 2 more videos on the subject on that channel.
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