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  • Hi, we need to play for tier shift, I'm EST, and can really make any times barring 2-10am in the morning, so let me know when you are free.
    responding back to what you posted on my VM, no I do not use IRC (though I probably should). I'm always on the main server on PO, but for the convience of less people you can find me on #US EAST on the Pokemon Online server (or we can play on grotto, doesn't matter to me).
    so I just checked smogon and I completely forgot about the " Les carottes sont cuites" tournament; sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Anyways I'm GMT-5, available almost all the time except 5:00-9:00 on mondays and wednesdays. My common PO alt is I'm noname and my main showdown alt is Charles P. Scene. gl
    I'll be on the smogon IRC, when I'm online. So it should be able to bump into each other
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