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  • I pack sanitizer, bottled water, pieces of fruit, and have even been known to pack tas burberry speedy a sandwich on occasion. Nowadays, diapers, wipes and other changing supplies can also be found in my bag too. (It's about time since my little princess is almost two). Oh how I hated going out with two bags.
    Later, they could always count on me for snacks, pain reliever, hand lotion tas set syal and the class textbook of course. I always believed in being prepared.
    Sadly no. I took it from Cartoon's art thread with his permission. Ask him. I heard he uses frames that are hand-drawn.
    Hi! Thank you for your advice on the SQSR page. However, I am going to stick with Fast Jellicent. First off, yes those are speed EVs and they are very important as I need to Taunt Skamory so it is unable to set up more layers of Spikes/Taunt me. It would be very rare to have a Skarmory outspeed this Jellicent, as that means it would require at least 108 Speed EVs to outrun me (but then I can burn with Scald...). Against Milotic and (Rest-Talk) Gyarados, I can Taunt them before they Toxic/Rest/Recover and stall them out with burn. Even if I get phazed, they are stopped from restoring a significant amount of HP while if they switch they are punished with hazard damage. And yes, I am using this with Gliscor. Thank you for your input, I appreciate your thoughts!(:
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