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  • Steeler
    hmmmmmm must be because the group is secret. i can send your facebook profile an invite if you're interested!
    Sure, what info do you need to do that?
    If you give me your facebook email, it'll send you an invite! Alternately, I could just send it directly to your profile. Whatever is easiest.
    yeah Abyss is a great game as well and manages to have two great fighters that I would actively switch between. I never really got into Phantasia either mostly because it was the first one on SNES and the fighting system was rather meh.
    What other consoles/tales games do you have cause there are definitely some rocking other tales games out there.
    Symphonia 2 mostly focus' on the two new characters, the original cast is always 'guest characters' who cannot even level up. To get the best ending (not that Emil even deserves it) you have to do some nonsensical things like not pledge to Lloyd at the start, and a monster in Triet, and not getting hit in the Lightning Temple too many times. The last two boss battles for the normal and good ending don't even matter as well. You have to go in knowing that it's not nearly as good as the first on any way and not even made by the same devs.
    Symphonia 2 is easily the worst of all the Tales games, two human characters that can actually level up, most of the monsters end up being OP that you can't even control. There is no overworld. They recycle the hell out of some places. It's bad don't waste too much time and money getting it.
    haha, yeah. well i retired for a number of reasons, but you'll always find me at events thats for sure (well at least 1 event a year)

    also a happy new years to you as well
    no, unfortunately.

    I retired you see. the only confirmed event for me is worlds in august of next year, but man, its been 2+ years now. please come to worlds in vancouver so i may take a picture of you again :)
    Did everyone jump over to Nsider2? I remember posting there for a year or two, pretty much only for Power On.
    Heh, I saw your post in Chrolaforum about Nsider. When did they shut down the NB thread back then? I remember posting in there a few times, and playing on the NSider server a bit.
    Yo, if you got any question, you can always send me a message, then I'll see if I can help. :) Don't know what timer you are using, but I recommend ToastPlusOne's EonTimer v1.11. Then in RNG Reporter, try to find a delay with a frame below 10. Try searching within a delay range of 2000 - 9000. If you want to capture it in a cool ball without a 100% capture code, you should bring at least 3 Pokémon, then you need a frame of 6. If you got a spread on frame 3, you don't have to do any frame advancements. :)
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