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  • Yeah, that was the 2nd system that I thought about using, but it's too complicated to award credits, and so I'll just have a 1 for 1 system (the 3rd system). RNG is much easier now; I can breed something in as little as 10 minutes.
    Of course, just let me know when you can trade. I should be free around 9 PM CST (3 hours from now).
    That's because it requires the use of emulators, which is self explanatory in why that's already bad. Besides, it seems a lot more difficult to RNG in the 3rd generation or so it seems. I don't even have Emerald, haha.
    Well, I wouldn't trade it anyway; I plan on using it for battling only so creating one isn't too bad, but I despise legal hacks. What do you mean by that? The mimic glitch?
    I'd rather not have to even discuss controversial pokemon. I know it can be created with AR or Pokesav if that's what you meant. I'm not interested in legal hacks.
    Yeah, but someone is bound to have it; the only problem is finding a legit one with good IVs if that's even possible.
    Sort of, but I'm not really looking to trade unless there's no way I can get a pokemon on my own.
    Hey Shinyshuckle, what's new? I recently learned capture RNG so now you can spend your credits on something else, but only if you want the pokemon without egg moves or not to be shiny.
    I didn't know that BP is leaving the clan soon. If he does indeed go, perhaps I could take his spot? I notice that he's already separated from the members list and I counted 14 total.
    just as I was checking back up on the clan and was going to join again, SEVERAL people hop to their chance in joining, XD. Looks like I'll be soloing here at smogon until a spot clears out it seems...
    I'll PM you the team, but not full RMT. I'm still trying to adjust the team for my 6th Poke. Maybe you can figure it out?
    Eatting the Lasagna and Garlic Bread I cooked...I didn't REALLY cook it though, it was frozen, so I just had to wait the 2 hours for it to get finished in the oven. :P

    Also, I think I might have FINALLY found a team that isn't Trick Room, and isn't Stall that is working for me. It 7-3-1 so far. The Draw came from the last douche that battled me. He couldn't KO my Hippo, but he could outspeed it to use Destiny Bond. >_<
    that's sucks. it's been slow since...forever, XD. Even though LMSSI is the most active clan.
    Oh, goodness. I think B/W will be really difficult when RNG is discovered in that game. One reason is because of how many more NPCs will be in the game(from what I read), on top of that, most of them will move!

    How's the clan?
    thankfully b/c I have 5 pokemon games. YOu started RNGing

    sorry, XD. accidently sent this messege to myself, xD.
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