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  • Shiny Timid flawless Mew in Dive Ball, huh? Hmm, I'd require quite heavy payment for that. Not shiny I could do much easier.
    Thanks for the trade.

    Edit: Oh my, thanks for the Victini as well.
    Ok. I'll add you at 0303-9120-2654 and I'll be on WiFi in a minute.
    Yeah I'm free now. Will you need a clone of the Thunderus back or no?
    Yeah the Timid Jirachi still has Draco Meteor. I believe that I asked you to CMT for Kaphotic's shiny HP Ice Thunderus correct?
    Sorry for the delayed response, but I am all set to go if you are. (Remember to bring a junk pokemon for the second pichu)
    No problems, I am in no rush. Take your time, if it looks like it is going to take you later than tonight, just send over a message so I know not to keep checking in lol.
    Cool, I've somehow come into possession of three of those before this, but anyways everything is taken care of on my end, so take your time and when you are done we can finish the trade.
    Shall you be wanting what you gave me there back or is it just a junk pokemon? If you need it back just let me know and be sure to bring enough junk pokemon to take both that and the second pichu back.
    Ok, I've added you and will be right on. The spread will be 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 speed, a pretty basic one. Also give me a moment to clone when you are finished since I forgot to add the light ball, and would like to attach a copy along with one of the pichu.

    So when you are done EV training bring the finished pokemon and a junk pokemon and I will trade the two copies to you.
    Yeah sure that's not a problem at all. I can give you the pokemon to train now, and in the mean time clone it for you.
    Excellent, if you wouldn't mind may get back to you with the details tomorrow. Although 2200 is hardly late I haven't slept well and would prefer to take care of things after a good nights rest.
    If you want to do an ev training project for it that would be great, I breed them faster than I can train them at this point. Is that acceptable?
    Shaymin, sure.

    Can you update your thread? I'm looking for flawless/good HP females to EV train. :)
    ive beenn asking for hours. can you trade me a drillbur? im new to black and white and would like one for my party before i get to the 3rd gym
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