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  • THANK GOD that your Sycamore was of the Physical kind. It had nothing against my Leafeon. GG!
    yeah that was a good battle. i knew ur sceptile wasnt the standard but it was a bad move i switched into arcanine shouldve switched into venusaur after the intimidate. yeah and only if ur blastoise didnt have protect. lol yeah its a custom set i made. tried the choice banded set as yours but it didnt work out very well.
    ^^ thanks for that, i was thinking putting a ghost somewhere because a had problems with your lead lol. Anyways you totally predict me at the early game so i have to say you are also a great battler, i actually wasn't expecting that from a new member lol.
    All i have to say is Great Game!! Hope to battle you again some other time :D
    Thank you, you too. With all the switching you made me do, you should have a stealth rocker or spiker on your team.
    yeah man gg. really close, i thought you had that one when i saw that magmortar.
    Sure is! Its Christians, from the movie. With the new moveset it has access to, it really is almost a OU pokemon. But yea, great game I look forward to playing you again in the future.
    yes gg this was a hard job to get venusaur, milo and arcanine down but i was lucky with the crit on your vensaur
    if you are on please reconnect because i cant see you and im on now

    EDIT: forget it :D
    gg guy but why you didnt run away earlier :D
    (before you attacked blastoise with aqua jet i mean)
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