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  • I replied on your thread:

    Shizzle, long time no talk. Sorry it took me just now to reply. Did you find anything interesting from my thread the last time you checked? If you do and have something you need from mine, is it possible to ask you for a BP/CP for that something, if there is any?

    Pls let me know when you have the time. thanks.
    hey if you could take a moment to post in my thread saying i have semi redi on your
    'shizzle's' shiny dusknoir ♂HP electric 70 that would be awesome thanks
    I don't think it is like the example you introduced at all. Gengar is probably already running max S.ATK so it doesn't mean you should change anything. However if you keep Skarmory then you aren't altering evs but instead using Spikes on a different pokemon to help kill pokemon like 252HP/252DEF Hippowdon. Okay so what I am getting at here is with Spikes you can ohko the bulkiest Hippowdon NO MATTER WHAT. Wouldn't you rather have the Spikes so that you always know you can ohko him always?
    I don't want to argue on somebody else's thread but basically I'm just saying that Skarmory is a pretty good lead for this team because the entry hazards guarantee the kos on defensive pokemon, however unorthodox the evs are. Would you want to be up against 252HP/252DEF Hippowdon and not ko it just because you thought that you wouldn't come up against it?Secondly, would you want to be 2hkoed by Infernape's Close Combat just because you wouldn't make a small tweak to your ev spread.
    Hey Hi Shizzle.Can U RMT My Team Again?Now I Can Use Rotom Formes Due To SHoddying And Pokemon Onlineing
    Well just outta curiousity is he on smogon or not? coz the general gist i get is Blue Kirby was the best as he captained aus in last smogon tour :P Obviously i'm wrong though, lol

    And yeah he's comming to our meetups when he finishes his study, oh yeah...
    hey man i just saw ur post on my RMT and saw u're aussie! sweet stuff man where u from in aus btw? if u're from western australia then you should check out these forums where we meet up IRL to play pokes :P

    But yeah i won't get my hopes up yet, so where in aus u from?
    you were asking about the vs recorder's colors in the simple questions... back theeeeeeen..
    I guess I shouldn't have asked about it ;D
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