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  • Hello again, today I'll be connected in the Wi-Fi room all day to finish our long time pendant battles.
    Hello, today I'll be in te computer until night, if you read this answer it so I enter to the Wi-Fi server.
    It was a combination of Tailwind and Trick Room with Sunny Day and a Very good reshiram =D....i hope you weren't running Kyogre ._.
    Hello SS7, we must in the tournament, what's your email address so we can add?
    Hey ss7, sorry for not connecting earlier.
    I'm sorry, but we can't battle today, as I'm currently charged with a lot of homework....
    Let's play later this week =)
    Hey man, I'm just wondering do you perhaps have a Dream World Gligar or a Dream World Slowpoke ? I would really appreciate the trade, doesn't matter about IV's or anything I jut want the ability, I'll breed it myself. I just don't want to do the Dream World is all
    Yup, Let's try to do it as soon as possible....which will be hard. I returned today from vacation and I'm (maybe) going to the beach for 4 days tommorrow. GMT -6
    Oh alright, well once I get my team up I'll let you know. Your still workin on a team too right ?
    Hey dude, you think I could get your Friend Code ? We should battle once I finally get my team ready, Plus if it's cool with you I need to trade my Haunter / Scyther and Feebas so they can evolve, and considering I haven't played White yet I need someone to trade with
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