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  • I'm doing well. I've finally opened my own trade thread and I've been busy Abusing Pokewalker Spreads to get Pokemon with good Natures and IVs. I finally got an Adamant Munchlax with Selfdestuct and IVs of 24/31/27/25/30/30.
    My last post on the giveaway, the bolded part, have all the questions remaining :)
    I see. Well I still have your Pokemon...Although I can't remember if you still need the Relicanth or the Zangoose. Anyways, I am only available to trade from 4:30-8:30 AM every day. That is GMT -8 or Pacific Standard time if you are American.
    It seems you aren't on much anymore but I do still have that Pokemon I bred for you. I am on a bit more as well so we should be able to work out a time to trade. ^_^
    Unfortunately, I can't do that this Saturday unless you get on around 6 AM because I have to work from 7 AM to 1PM (Pacific Standard) If you have school during the week you can just get up like 20 minutes earlier and trade with me then because I am always on ...
    I can still only go online from 6:20-8:30 AM (Pacific Time)...later on some Saturdays though. Sometimes I am on later in the day but barely ever...
    I am going to get online and wait for you for about 30 minutes...hopefully you will be able to trade.
    Yes I can. But I will only do the copy for me and the original back. As my "about me" section states, please use my SS FC. I will be on in a couple of minutes.

    Edit: Since you are not on right now I will wait until you VM me saying you are in the trade room to re-sign on to Wi-Fi.
    Since you are on, we should trade now. Do you have the Machop as shown in your thread still UT? Or do you have the Machamp that isn't at lvl 100 yet?
    Ok, that is good to hear. Don't you worry either. I always go for good natures/movesets. Just so you know, if I do this BP for you the Pokemon is only allowed to be traded by you and me. No one else will have rights.

    Also, I will do the Relicanth one as well. I just might not do it for a few days.
    Hey there. I need to do a Zangoose soon anyways, so, if you are flexible on what you want...or our needs align, then I can help you out with that. Let me know what you are looking for.
    please VM me when you are onl so we can finish the trade about tyran :D i really want to test it on my new team :( btw can you wipe the speed ev in it ? hope it's not lv 100 ...
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