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  • I miss you and i have no idea how to pokemon anymore lol. How are you?
    Holy shit mother fucks, what's up! I'm good, where the fuck have you been? PC still a thing
    Sir Azelf
    Sir Azelf
    Oh god you replied. :P Im good thanks dude, tbh ive just been floating around really both online and irl lol. PC is still a thing but i got banned cos im a really huge un-politically correct dick lmao. :D How are you, you still play mons?
    Dear bitch. (you suck)

    In regards to your leech seed use and awful teams, i suggest you come on to battle to improve your skills.

    And you owe me matches.

    Regards, best azelf ever.

    I am hot
    agreed with the above
    Yah i died in the fire of your moms poontang. :P

    You should come back, i retired for a while. Luke, Anti, Lala, Ooka, Aero, Wolf, Pokedra, Vrai, Me are still around aswell as a few others. Plus i need to unrust: <----Go here, tis where i am usually along with said people.

    How are you anyway?
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