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  • Oops, sorry I didn't see that you said 7-8 pm est, I just saw the 8 pm. are you still available tonight?
    Almost anytime is good for me, just give me a little bit of a heads up. I don't think I want to do this tonight but if you do I might be able to.
    Ok well I should be on tonight around 8-11pm (around 5 hours from now) my time, which is GMT +10.
    If not I should be available any night this week around the same time, or I could jump on in the morning before uni (around 6-730am) if that suits you better. If none of these times work I will be available more often on the weekend.
    Hey, I'm surprised you have so many posts and no VMs lol. Anyway we're opponents for the regional tournament and my timezone is GMT -5, when are you usually on?
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