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  • I also figured out that such a sub-metagame would be more readily implemented in Pokemon Showdown, so I did try to propose it to PS. In fact, verbatim (the user who put up the Balanced Hackmons), sent me a message telling me that he's submitted the Equal BST proposal on the moderator suggestion page in Pokemon Showdown, and I'd just have to wait for an update/response. I never thought we could try setting up our won PS server. If that's possible, I'm all for it. Anything I could help you with? Sorry I'm really not that tech-savvy, but know that even if the Equal BST metagame thread may seem inactive, I still want to see the proposal into reality. Thanks Skyshayde for the continued interest.^^
    There are no tiers in ASB other than LC, NFE, an FE. I stated in the challenge that we will be doing LC, so don't worry, you won't have to face any Honchrow's or the likes.
    Welcome to the SSIS Military! Please note that we are currently holding a tournament with Team Rocket Corporation and would appreciate your signing up. Thanks!
    -Ltn. CMDR, Admin of the Military Complications
    Thank you for joing the SSIS community! We hope that you will be an activ and beneficial member of our Agency. we are actually trying to run a Military Operation soon so once you get accepted to the Military Base, report to the Operations Room.
    Welcome to the SSIS! Please take the time to fill out an Oath and Recruit Application. This is essential inorder for you to be officially accepted. If you have any questions please let me know.

    -Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    It is a HeartGold Scramble. The link is Here.

    Look at this post first to see other information that is needed.
    Because the person who helped me get your request together wanted it named that.
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