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  • Duuuuuuuuuuuude.

    Help me out. How do YOU specifically advance your frame in HG/SS? I know a few ways, but how do YOU do it? :3
    Sweet. And I won't. Maybe. ;D

    I just got a Supercard DS so I can do some stuff soon too. :P
    Ilu. Now catch me a Lugia and I will kiss you.

    Oh my... THAT PUBLISHED????!!!!! D:
    Yep, I have the right SID. (Had to check by trading with my Platinum game).
    Just hit my Seed and have the right ID. Better check my SID once I get my Starter...
    I'm resetting for a better ID/SID which comes with a Flawless Shiny Timid and Bold Spread. :D Also, it has a equally as good Calm spread too.

    And I don't have a flash card, I'm using an actual Soul Silver game.
    God, I hate you... Go catch a Lugia with that hawt Bold spread NAO!!!!

    No, but seriously. Get me a Premier Ball Lugia with both of those spreads. :3 Just another question, but what flashcard do you use?

    Sorry, I know you're sick of me... :(
    Lol @ delay. The calm one is pretty nice. I may have to make a request later. xP

    Hell yeah!! :P I still don't have a DS though. I'll for sure have one by this weekend.
    Oh. I have really bad ones on Soul Silver... I did have this one good Adamant one I also posted on your thread but i turns out it had a delay of 191. XD

    Two of my SS spreads.

    3732382197F 7db9d093 (BOLD, ability 1) 31/31/31/31/28/13 (Seed: c4020f8b Frame: 128) HP STEEL 44 !!!

    Damn you Speed!!!

    2509105264F 9f7c3257 (CALM, ability 1) 31/24/24/24/31/31 (Seed: b10d0f9e Frame: 62) HP WATER 56 !!!

    One of my only good ones.
    I have that Hasty spread on my Pearl. I posted it on your thread on Marriland!
    Don't forget you have to redis Lugia to someone in Smogon and make this person post on the giveaway thread. If you don't do that, you'll be banned from my next giveaways.
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