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  • Haha there's no specific colour that I'd like! But, can you make the "Welcome to the" and "Acetrainer's.....Restaurant" part a biiit brighter?
    And thank you Smiley you're awesomeeee x10000!!! You should be badged already for being an artist haha! :D
    That's nice, when you got the time... please work on these

    OU- Lucario and Infernape
    Uber- Mewtwo and Arceus
    UU- Nidoking and Nidoqueen
    NU- Pikachu
    Blacklist- Gengar
    Whitelist- Blissey
    So you must actually attempt the challenge in your own game? Like, you cannot lie? Haha cuz that's what I would do. :P
    Sorry I don't get the joke. I love Mad TV but there are somethings that don't get a laugh out of :x
    Oh, right, mmm when you're free, do you mind telling me in a nutshell what the Scramble challenge is?! I saw you post in there before, so I thought you'd be the right person to ask. Lol. :p
    Hey you've been so helpful to me, I forgot to ask if you would like anything from my thead in return.
    Haha want to try one last time? =D If not we can always trade the next time you ask for a BP.
    Sorry if I'm terribly long winded, but remember to bring 2 extra Junks! :P

    Edit: I'm in wifi now!
    Also, may I ask.... do you do banners because you like doing banners, or because you want Pokemon? :p I'm just curious!
    I have a picture of it already, actually! I'm just too lazy to transfer it to my computer. I'll upload it on photobucket and send you the link in 12 hours. :)
    Thank you Smiley!
    And start redeeming your credits! :p
    I can also do BPs for you, 3 credits each! :)
    I'll contacting Alexa now to trade them to me so I can clone, i'll distribute to you as soon as i get them.
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