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  • One thing I've noticed about Tori's albums is that they aren't accessible at all. Boys for Pele and To Venus and Back were both unexciting at first listen, but after about three run-throughs each, they've become intoxicating!
    Btw if you still haven't listened to PJ's debut album (Dry), you're missing out. Just ran through it, and I'm in awe of how awesome it is.
    (Continuation of the last message) And yeah, I would definitely consider Never Be Mine to be one of the standout pieces of her entire career. Well, alongside Cloudbusting, The Ninth Wave, the last three tracks on The Dreaming, and side two of Aerial.
    The Sensual World is one of my most beloved albums, since it has really helped me get through these past couple years, which have been particularly difficult for me. It took a while for me to catch on to some of its less accessible tracks (namely, Deeper Understanding and Between a Man and a Woman), but now they are ironically a couple of my favorites on the entire album.
    I know, rite. I'm just lurking the thread now b/c I want to see the new BP of moves like Close Combat and Outrage. Pretty much everything else I care about was confirmed already.
    (extension of previous message because of character limit) - I might give Tori a second chance, since I really only gave Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink a thorough listen. Got any suggestions for other albums of hers that I should dip my feet into?
    I never really got into Bjork, Tori Amos, and Regina Spektor to be honest. They have a few decent tracks here and there, but nothing ever stood out to me. Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, and PJ Harvey are definitely the best modern female solo artists, imo.
    Yeah, Hounds of Love, The Dreaming, and The Sensual World are her best, but I'm always tempted to say Aerial's just as good as any of those.

    I take it you also like PJ Harvey? I have yet to find a KB fan who doesn't like PJ.
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