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  • Busy but fun times! Looking forward to having you back when the activity dies down.
    And you desperately need an art badge: have I talked to you before about contributing to the site?
    Yes, it always has the ink drop, its part of the design like Cupchoo has his snot.
    Would you mind telling me what Drawing tablet/program you use? I am seriously considering getting one and would love your recommendation.
    Great, well they cores are in the thread, so you can take your pick!
    How many were you planning on doing?
    hey, you've been given the core article to do :O
    if you have any ideas then let me know, i'm pretty open to anything.
    Well, Cartoons has a nice design, but as you say, it looks more like some sort of physical attacker, not a special tank. Oh well.
    You definitely have my vote for the cap art submission. Also the back story is quite interesting.
    Noooooooooooooo! I thought the green/white and bamboo had more support!

    Well, I still hope you win and will be voting for you. Good luck.
    Oh wow I'm late at seeing this, but basically you kinda did what I was trying to say.
    So don't worry about it haha!
    But basically I was tryna say I liked how the white fluff hair was very flowy and wavy and so just put those new colors with it but your drawing has progressed much beyond that so just ignore this really!
    Absolutely love the newest pose of your panda. Love the new look of the face and beard. I can so see this guy fitting the stat spread that won. Gotta say that while you were right about a lot of the stuff you refuted in the art thread (Poliwrath being yellow, etc) the old color scheme was heaps better. I like the idea of the red and yellow because they are traditional Chinese colors, but I think they'd be better for a shiny version. The green just made the panda seem like a deity of nature. I could imagine stumbling across him in a beautiful Chinese jungle. Also, in nature panda eat nothing but bamboo and so are always seen against a back drop of green. As much as people want to complain about the green and the bamboo making it confusing because of the grass type thing I believe if you set the two side by side, one version red and yellow without bamboo and one version green with bamboo you'll see that the green is the better piece of art.
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