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  • lol, thats fine :D i have to :D first week of school and i am just to Busy! I am happy to trade :D but forgot what we were trading! lol sorry :( however i may be a bit inactive becoz of school and other stuff :D
    anyway, thx for letting me know, u r a great guy :D and gl at school :D
    It's alright. x3 But I can't trade on weekdays, so we'll just have to work this trade out. I will be active again here next weekend so I think we'll be able to meet.
    Hi I was wondering If i could get that freebie Smeargle from your shop timezone's GMT+8, and I can only trade on weekends...maybe I can trade at around 12:00 AM at my place and 11:00 AM at your place, or do we need to adjust the time a little early or late?
    Hey Again :D
    and could Solarpowerx, could u CMT (Reply via VM coz it is closed at the moment) for:

    dragonite12342's Heatran (NN: Cupcake)

    31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    Timid | Flash Fire | Female | OT: Alex (06720)| Fully Redis

    Available sets:

    1) 252 SpA / 252 Spe /4 Def @ Expert Belt
    [Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Stealth Rock]

    That's about the time I get home, so I'll need to be doing a couple of things first. Maybe a little later like around 4:30 Eastern?
    Hi, could I pick up the pokemon from Gabe's giveaway please? I would like to help distribute, if there are even people to distribute to. Thank you.
    Sure =)
    Add my Soul Silver FC, and i'll meet you online ^^
    Which FC should i add?
    xD. Well some of them are horrible. Ulgamoth's name is volcanora which is kinda nice. Emonga is emolga and etc etc xD. The ice cream pokemon names are vanillie vanillish and vannilush which are meh names xD
    o yeah forgot about Ulgamoth xD. Yeah many different typings =D. Have u seen the english names for the pokes?
    I guess I like wargle,emonga,the zebra,zekrom,etc etc xD. Im disappointed
    in the water pokes this gen.The only water poke I like is the starter =(
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