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  • damn do you pokesav cause I heard if you don't pokesav right it can sometimes mess up your ds
    I don't even know how weird my lead is. When we made it it seemed like it should be standard. Oh wel fun match. Don't play nu much
    Yeah I love that typhlosion set cause everyone always brings in a water or ground type as a counter and then I just crush it with a solarbeam. But I noticed that this team doesn't really like rain dance teams as much (probably would've done better without that espeon on the team though). The team is really weak to specs espeon without my hypno
    Haha I think its probably closer than that. Probably like 3-4 without counting the UU battles. Man I fully expected my butterfree to survive because it resisted but damn it has awful defenses. I still really like that team I was using though this was its first ever lost :(
    No my Meganium is max special defense and defense. I can't believe I got killed by espeon like that really goes to show that things power, and now I know why you were trying to get rid of my hypno so bad. Yeah I was really hoping you weren't a charfed relicanth
    Yeah my whiscash has actually been serving me very well. I switched life orb for muscle band cause I hate life orb. And with a DD or two it's a complete monster. I use it as a late game sweeper cause to be honest it doesn't have the power to OHKO walls.
    Haha good job. I have no idea about that ability. Its funny cause I was so close to clicking DD again just for the extra boost predicting your switch. Damn I guess I should've done it lol
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