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  • Hi,

    As I told you,I have major Internet issues. One of your mate told me that you would be available tonight. Give me a time to play. I could stay woke until 7PM your time. Hmu here or on PS, I'll be logged in from 2PM your time on PS.
    My Discord (easier to find me on) : e-chris7#9049. Write me there to schedule easier.
    hey when would you like to play for uu majors? im gmt -4
    hey ill be on for a few hours
    Hi, we're paired for UU Majors IV.

    I'm GMT +2, i'm available :
    this Monday all day long
    this Tuesday all day long
    this Wednesday from 5pm GMT
    this Tuesday from 8 pm GMT
    this Friday all day long except between 11am and 3pm GMTs
    I don't know my availabilities for the coming weekend yet.
    Will one of us see you connected ? Or will you be sub ? I hope we'll face tho.
    hey we're matched up for UU Majors! I'm GMT -5, when are you free to play?
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