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  • Hay. Howz it going? I know you don't know me but may I ask if I could put up a thread about a sports group about my SSB group called "Smash Club"?
    bs Sonuis. Quite late but its sad to see you go. You're a great chap. I hope you have a great life ahead
    It's kinda weird to see you quit man. I made my Smogon account to join ST5, and since you were the topic creator, I always just assumed you were one of the head honchos around here. You also helped me when I first got mIRC, so thanks for that. Hope to see you around still.
    Damn dced. Umm what is the stance on self KOs? If there are allowed i would have won with Destiny Bond, otherwise you would have won.
    Yes, and then some. I got your "Lazy Occa Australian" thing before the game went "I win due to default timeout" blah blah blah.
    Drop me a VM or PM if yuo can do a battle this arvo. I'll stay on for about 2 hours. Go do something else for a bit then come back. Really don't want another coin flip.
    K. I'll try and get up a little bit early so we can get maybe 1 or 2 battles done before I have to head to uni. That should be around 3-4pm your time.
    I'm currently at uni. I will be free in about 4 hours though if you can get on then.
    10060, the attempt to connect, timed out. always happens when i click start battling and it's trying to connect :S
    hi sonuis

    can i join one of your wifi tournaments,i am new to smogon but i have read and have understood all rules please wb asap

    please motivate our players as much as you can. if we go 6-2, we are in. unless cotc wins out in which case we are both +8.

    best comeback in pokemon history
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