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  • Sol. And that's okay. I don't remember if I got a lot of hax or not, it was 3-0 though and I knew you were on here because I was excited. It's okay, I dc a lot too, was just suspicious. Thanks for responding!
    Heyo ClearVersion,

    I can't exactly recall which trainer you are as I did face many ragequits and DCs on my game. As far as my games does, I ragequit on a guy who scored a Crits from his -2 Top with Dark Gem Crit. That's the only ragequit I did.

    As for your match, I am really happy to give u the ratings, but it could be my WIFI acting up.

    It is up to you to believe this story or not, cos I know it sucks to get ragequited.
    It seems you really care about not disconnecting. How come after I beat you, you raged quit? I guess you're not what you seem at all.

    Game was pretty good, I was on my toes.
    Soon, I am totally behind you in your fight against ragequitters.

    If you read my post, [on the thread for d/c'ing] you will see.
    I have a very short time, I'll message you later about more.

    I think that one solution is that the person who received the D/C (the one who was most likely about to win the match) SHOULD get a win, and a boost to their ranking, whereas the person who D/C'ed should not get any boost at all, but no penalty.

    I don't know much about programming, but I think that this would be an important first step, as the person still connected to the server IS still connected and can and should receive an increase in rating.

    I have no more time, I'll add more later!
    Hmm... for...?

    Anyway, I will really appreciate if you could help me spread this around the forums or other pokemon community that you might be in.

    If the situation is really bad, I will create an online petition as stated earlier in forum.

    As of now, i am collect feedbacks from other pokemon community. I will go and invade japanese BBS soon too.

    Yep. Sorry about that. Nice battle strategy. I've only seen 2 scizors my whole time on GBU (your's and another's.)
    Hey, why did you D/C on the GBU on doubles 5 minutes ago? I was the one with the shiny hydregon, azelf, thundurus, and berloom.
    Wait a minute... aren't you a teacher in Serangoon Secondary School? Or is there someone out there with the exact same name as you? I am a student in that school o_O
    Are you active in the dream world? If so please consider adding FC so we can be neighbors please and thank you:

    Aloha! register my code please so we can be neighbors

    BlAcK FC 1076 7219 4498
    Thanks for compiling the translation for the characteristics of pokemon. I really appreciate having it available.
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