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  • Would you like to trade now? My FC is in my sig. I'll be on WiFi in a couple of minutes.
    Wow, I didn't know you had a good TRU Dragonite. CMT for it if you can trade it in 4th gen please.
    Ahh!. Okay. I'm just curious because there is a name of a rock band called "Transmetal" and I also remember that it's a term used on "Beast wars". And to be honest with you, I actually like that term and I was thinking about useing it. But first I need to ask first before I do so i won't get sued.
    So You're saying it's not copyrighted?

    Hmmm..... Maybe you send me a link to your account and I'll see if I can make a friend request with you because it's not appearing my account. :(
    Yeah me too.

    Because that was the reason why silverbolt and rhinox were terminated on beast machines.

    Without the transmetal bodies, they weren't able to survive from the virus gas that the vehicons used on the maximals. That's why cheetor, optimus, rattrap, and blackarachnia were the ones were able to survive. :(

    instead of destorying them completely, just what it did to silverbolt and rhinox, it only destroyed their transmetal bodies and only turn them to their original beast modes. :(

    And speaking of "transmetal", do you think that term is copyrighted?
    Genie cp? What does that mean?

    Do you know Red?
    Well..... maybe you can send me a pm, tell me your full name, and I'll try to find you on facebook. Or I can give you the link to my account just to make it sort.

    And yeah, that's very unfortunate.

    I also have a question for you?
    I really don't have any idea how to trade, or what you are talking about, sorry...
    I'm doing great. I actually passed the quarter and I'm going to next quarter in college. And I'm on a 2 week vacation. :D

    Did you catch my pm?
    I'm so close I can taste it! Lol. Just got a non-shiny version with everything that the shiny version will have! (Including Characteristic!)
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